Ninja Weapon Museum

Ninja Weapon Museum

Ninja Weapon Museum

Ninja Weapon Museum

What is Ninja?

No Ninja calls oneself, “I am a ninja.” Therefore, there are many mysterious parts in their real images and histories.
However, if you unravel the battles that have been passed down to these days, there were almost always the existence and activities of Ninja. Many of the great battles in Japanese history were where the outnumbered forces brilliantly defeated large armies. The significance of Ninja lies in the way of fighting to gain a victory while catching the enemy off their guard and minimizing the damage to their allies.
Masayuki Sanada is one of the great warlords who was good at using Ninja as a vital force. In “The First Battle in Ueda” in 1585, he repelled the Tokugawa Army of nearly 8,000 by only 2,000 troops.
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Admission Fee
Adult : 800 JPY
Student : 700 JPY
Child: 400 JPY
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Ninja Experience

You can throw authentic Nina stars.
[Experience Fee]
Ninja Throwing Stars
5 stars:300 JPY
8 sticks: 500 JPY

Museum Shop

We have various interesting souvenirs related to Ninja, Samurai, Kanazawa. We also sell our original goods. You can visit Museum Shop for free.


2-26-1 Nomachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 921-8031, Japan. TEL: +81 76-245-6450
[To Kanazawa station] 2 and a half hours from Tokyo station by Hokuriku Shinkansen. 2 and a half hours from Osaka station by the limited express Thunderbird.
[ To Nishi Chaya distict ] 20 minutes from Kanazawa station by bus. 15 minutes from Kanazawanishi interchange of Hokuriku Expressway by car. 5 minutes from Hirokozi bus stop on foot


Ninja Weapon Museum is run and administered by Tonboya Co., Ltd.

Company Name Tonboya Co., Ltd.
Incorporated July 2015
Capital 8 million yen
President and CEO Tetsuro Koyano
Location Nakamura 4F 5-10-14 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
TEL 03-6457-6411 (main)
FAX 03-6457-6441
Corporate Philosophy We plan and run facilities so that not only Japanese visitor, but also international visitor can enjoy Japanese history and culture.

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